Our Service Model


We genuinely believe that every employee can love what they do. At Metisphere, we offer bespoke advisory services designed to facilitate sustainable and positive behavioural change; ensuring all     team members are productive, engaged, and have their and their team’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do. 

We approach every engagement with a focus on forming a trusted business partnership tailored to each client’s unique culture and desired outcomes.  

Before designing any bespoke solution, we underpin our thinking by an initial diagnostic phase. As part of this process our psychologists analyse data to establish focus areas, which, in addition to providing rigour to the resultant solutions, assists us in verifying and finalising stakeholder expectations. For success, it is important to us that between us and our clients we have shared values and outcomes and are confident these solutions will address and solve the real issues. 

Diagnostic results allow evidence-based organisational development and human resources solutions to assist with the complex connections between individuals and teams, departments, and organisations and create people focused business growth.

Our expert advisory team bring the latest research and innovative ideas to navigate client issues and bring our belief to life – that thriving employees lead to thriving organisations.