Our Story

(/ˈmiːtɪs/; Ancient Greek: Μῆτις, romanized: Mêtis, lit. 'wisdom', 'skill', or 'craft')

Metis was a mythical Titaness, and by some, was considered the greatest wife of Zeus. She embodied wisdom, prudence, wise counsel and deep thought. Acc Her daughter Athena was another goddess of wisdom and creativity.

Metisphere was born out of a desire to engage in wise counsel and provide wisdom to the science of organisational psychology and the art management consulting. In 2010, Dr Ali Burston opened the Metipshere doors, designing award winning national and global mentoring programs for organisations and industry associations within mining and resources.

Over the next decade Ali systematically transformed Metisphere from a programmatic mentoring provider to a strategic advisory firm with a the fundamental focus of enabling lasting behavioural change within our clients organisatons. Moving the mindset of organisations through evidence based individual and group interventions is a fundamental part of our vision. Now, employing a group of organisational psychologists and organisational development specialists we focus on driving change in the areas of diversity and inclusion, leadership capability, mental health and wellbeing. Our purpose: ensuring everybody should love what they do.