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Our solutions are bespoke and if we can’t back them up with empirical evidence, using organisational psychology and human behaviour principles, we won’t propose them. We view culture, positive or otherwise, as an embedded, complex, and resilient element of any organisation. As such, sustainable and successful culture change always takes time, effort, and most importantly dedicated leadership.

Furthermore, culture always needs to be changed to align with the organisation’s business strategy. It is not an isolated or independent element of the organisation. Culture is a very strong predictor of performance and strategic achievement, and as such, the starting point is to define the culture your organisation needs. This allows us to sustainably deliver your organisational strategy and to achieve your performance expectations.

In every successful culture change, everything starts with the CEO and their immediate leadership team. Both experience and research shows this to be a pre-requisite to successful culture change.

The initial phases of any of our successful culture change initiatives will, in addition to mapping the required culture, involve a robust analysis and engagement with key stakeholders to lead, catalyse and subsequently embed and sustain the requisite culture change. In addition, this phase of the process includes analysis of the scale and urgency of the culture change, which then informs the intensity of any leadership and team development.

Only once there is strategic and leadership alignment should the culture change process consider other activities and initiatives.

Note: over 70% of the success of culture change is down to top team leadership!

To effect successful top down change, we have designed our solutions across three areas; individual development, team development and effectiveness, and organisational development.


Individual Development

Leadership and Executive Coaching

For participants, coaching is an effective way to drive clarity, build deep connections, provide people a sense of control over their work, and build strong leadership capability. Our coaching sessions can assist with improving individual and organisational performance – key to success is the willingness of the participant to be curious and explore!


With over 10 years experience in creating and delivering award winning mentoring programs we consider our expertise in this area to be best practice and highly effective. Whether you want to attract talent, increase engagement and retain talent, develop your people and your leader’s capability or promote diversity and inclusion, our mentoring programs can directly impact these objectives. Each mentee will create a highly actionable set of strategies, designed to create new habits and change behaviour. Our carefully curated mentoring programs can change behaviour to impact your organisational culture and align it to organisational strategy!

Team Development and Effectiveness

Group facilitation

We work with executive teams,  departments, teams and cross functional teams to identify their challenges and enable them to effectively, efficiently and safely create a platform to achieve business objectives whilst fostering a positive company culture.

Leadership Capability and Development Programs

Our Leadership development programs are designed to create high performing teams with an emphasis on aligning strategy and organisational culture. Key to success their is exploring the way leaders think, feel, behave and act. During a Metisphere leadership program leaders will be asked to reflect, increase their self awareness and create actionable strategies for improving individual and team performance.

Organisational Development

Surveys and Psychometrics

Metisphere uses various psychometric tools to identify team and individual working preferences, emotional intelligence and leadership styles. We also have the psychological measurement expertise to devise bespoke surveys that we use specifically for measuring maturity levels, engagement levels, opinions, attitudes, perceptions, skills, knowledge and behaviour. This data can complement evaluation work around the maturity of your human resources practices and organisational culture.

Psychological Safety and Wellbeing

One of our primary passions is ensuring that employees experience a psychologically safe environment. We have spent the best part of three years researching and devising a psychometric tool to measure mental health literacy that is based on the psychosocial hazards in the workplace. Once we have gathered the data which provides insights into the current state of wellbeing that exists within a workplace, we can then devise a wellbeing strategy and a series of interventions that will create positive and lasting change in this area.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Creating and cultivating diverse and inclusive workplaces is our passion. By seeking to build a shared understanding of what inclusive leadership is, we can design bespoke diversity, inclusion and belonging roadmaps for our clients. We strive to create workplaces that are psychologically safe, where all employees can be themselves in a supportive environment. We design and implement tailored interventions that empower and engage leaders and team members to challenge their bias.  Enabling employees to understand and embrace the power that diversity of thought can bring, is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

Competency Frameworks and Analysis

We use a diagnostic process to identify and understand the core competencies required for specific roles, job levels, and job families and then create a framework for measuring performance against these competencies.  Competency frameworks can then influence the way in which we develop individual, team and organisational wide solutions. 

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