Leadership and emotional intelligence

Dr Ali Burston Director, Metisphere Business Consulting The secret to developing leaders of the future starts with a timeless scientific concept, emotional intelligence (EQ). This article outlines strategies for developing EQ competence. What is the future of work? When we ask this question, we generally think of artificial intelligence and obsolete degrees, but when I […]

Creating mentally healthy workplaces in the resources sector

Dr Ali Burston Director, Metisphere Business Consulting Both individuals and organisations can benefit if a preventative and proactive approach towards good mental health is taken Mental health practices and procedures in the resources industry are under the microscope. There is growing public awareness and scrutiny on organisations in the sector to provide psychologically healthy workplaces […]

Fostering diversity in your organisation

Dr Ali Burston Director, Metisphere Business Consulting Being different means thinking differently  The spotlight is on diversity. In this article, I want to provide some practical tips for organisations to start thinking about diversity and becoming more diverse. I’ll do this through exploring answers to three questions that many organisations are now asking themselves: what are the […]

IGO Mentoring Program 2021

The Mid program Sundowner Event was held on the 27th July 2021. The highlight of the event was Zak Vergone’s engaging and thought provoking session on ‘Self Promotion and Brand Strategy. Zak left his cohort with he following questions to ponder: •How can you promote yourself? •What brand of yourself do you want to develop? […]

Check Out The Most

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary…