About Us

Metisphere is committed to creating people-focused strategic solutions. We have extensive experience working in a variety of local, national and global sectors enabling leadership capability, change effectiveness and cultural transformation. Our organisational psychologists and organisational development specialists are trained to conduct research, evaluate and then implement evidence based solutions for our clients.  

The Metisphere Difference

Our solutions are bespoke and are developed using organisational psychology and human behaviour principles. If we can’t back them up with empirical evidence, we won’t propose them.

Our team of organisational psychologists and organisational development specialists spend considerable time researching contemporary methodologies, to ensure that any solution we propose is fit for purpose. Our experts have extensive lived experience on-site in the mining and resources sector. This gives us a unique position from which to provide practical and achievable advice and recommendations.

Our business is built on the strong relationships that we have fostered and established over the years. Our clients trust that we will provide honest feedback in a safe and trusted manner that can challenge their thinking to produce exceptional results. We can be counted on to deliver what we promise.

People Focused Strategic Solutions

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