Metisphere’s accredited and qualified organisational specialists create psychologically healthy workplaces for global businesses across the resource, renewable and construction sectors.

We have been reigniting businesses across Australia, Canada and South Africa to achieve better health, productivity, performance and team cohesion since 2009.

Mentoring Programs

We want your team members to shine. Our customisable Mentoring Programs match experienced people with less experienced people for the benefit of personal and career development within an organisation or industry.

Scholarships can be offered as a means to ensure that the right people in the organisation are selected.

Leadership Coaching

One of our main objectives is to ignite a sustainable solution. Our coaching programs provide expert knowledge and strategies for leaders. Coaching transfers skills to leaders so they can enhance health, productivity, performance and cohesion from within.

Diagnostics & Planning

To create a healthy organisation we have to understand your unique needs. We offer an approach that includes in-depth evaluations, psychometric assessments to present an effective solution.

Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

We want to help sustain a feeling of wellbeing at work. Our Wellness Programs address and prevents risk factors such as stress management, fatigue, bullying and harassment. Our qualified and accredited team has the ability to create a unique approach to maintain a long term psychologically healthy workplace. Productivity and organisational profit are strongly correlated.

From the Founder

Dr Burston began her career as an endorsed Organisational Psychologist working on several large mining construction projects in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Known for her passion and expertise in developing healthy high performing organisations throughout many industry sectors, Ali remains committed to providing specialised evidence-based practices to ensure that clients receive exceptional advice and guidance that generates innovation, thought leadership and productivity in the workplace.

Dr Burston is the Vice President for The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology Australia (‘SIOPA’) and a University Liaison Consultation member with Murdoch University. She has been nominated and won numerous industry, research and professional awards throughout her career.


If you’d like to create a healthier workplace or enhance organisational productivity, contact us and one of our qualified organisational specialists will get back to you.